1 2  C A T E G O R Y   1   C M E
A T   T H E   C O M F O R T
O F   Y O U R   H O M E

Begins April 5th, 2023

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
1 2   C A T E G O R Y   1   C M E
A T   T H E   C O M F O R T
O F   Y O U R   H O M E

Begins April 5th, 2023

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

       Get all this and MORE. .

     A N   E K G   A   D A Y  !   P L U S . .

                              ❤️  Basic Rhythm Interpretation (Live)

                              ❤️  EKG Terminology (Live)

                              ❤️  Basic 12 Lead Interpretation (Live)
                              ❤️  3 Hour Hands On EKG Workshop (Live)

                              ❤️  Stress Testing (How to choose a test?)

                              ❤️  Pre Operative Clearances 

                              ❤️  Heart Failure Management Update/Cases

                              ❤️  Cardiac Pharmacology Update

                              ❤️  Study Halls with the coaches! (Live)

                              ❤️  Lipid Management
                                    ..and so much more!

 ❤️  Basic Rhythm 
              Interpretation (Live)

 ❤️  EKG Terminology (Live)

 ❤️  Basic 12 Lead 
              Interpretation (Live)
 ❤️  4 Hour Hands On EKG 
              Workshop (Live)

 ❤️  LIVE Interactive Scenario 
              Practice (Live)

 ❤️  Stress Testing (Recorded)

 ❤️  Challenging Cardiology 
             Cases (Live) 

 ❤️  Cardiac Pharmacology 
              (Recorded) (including 
              Heart Failure)

❤️  Advanced EKG 

❤️  Study Halls with the coaches!

 ❤️  LVAD Demo, Pre-operative cardiac clearances...and so much more! (Recording)

A Program designed to take you from unsure to confident in 30 DAYS!
CME Available
Get 12 Category 1 Hours of credit for this workshop that you can attend from the comfort of your own home. 
Welcome Kit!
Mailed you your home with EKG Tools and the workbook we will use.   

Live Tutoring
Meet in between live classes to get live tutoring by one of the coaches in the group!

STUDENT (Or no CE Needed)

Disclaimer: We don't ship internationally.

The schedule


  • Basic Rhythms
  • EKG Terminology
  • Basic 12 Lead
  • ​EKG Workshop
  • ​Rhythm Practice
  • Coach Meghan
  • Coach Jen
  • ​Coach David
  • ​Coach Michelle
  • Pulmonary / Sleep
  • Lipid Workshop
  • ​LVAD / Devices
  • ​EMS
  • ​Electrophysiology
  • ​CHF
 What do you get when you join?

                     ❤️  Live classes multiple times a week that are recorded!

                     ❤️  EKG Kit including an RCAT Window. 


                     ❤️  Access to the Private FB Group filled with supportive members.

                     ❤️  Live interactive classes that you can participate in if you want to!

Who are your coaches?


 Is a Cardiology and ER PA that teaches EKG courses nationally. 


 A FTO, Preceptor and working as a 911 paramedic in Georgia.
He teaches advanced EKG classes to EMS and hospital staff including physicians.


 Is a board-certified family nurse practitioner currently working for a Cardiology group in Wausau, Wisconsin.


36 years CVICU RN with a speciality in VADs and Transplants.


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